Protection Mutual Insurance Company of Littlestown

To: Valued Policyholders and Agents:
RE: Merger of Protection Mutual Insurance Company of Littlestown into Community Insurance Company


POLICYHOLDERS – Attached to this letter is an Endorsement to your Policy that changes the Company on the Policy. Whenever the name Protection Mutual Insurance Company of Littlestown is used, Community Insurance Company substituted. Wherever various pronouns (see attached endorsement) are used it shall also mean Community Insurance Company. 

We are working with the Insurance Department of Pennsylvania to migrate your policy to the Community Insurance Company IT system. We not changing the rates, coverage or deductibles you currently enjoy as former Protection Mutual policyholders.

We ask that going forward any premium payment checks, or money orders be made out to Community Insurance Company, correspondence or phone calls regarding your policy can still be directed to the Littlestown, PA office @ 717-359-5840.

AGENTS – After November 1, 2023; we will not be accepting new business through the current Portection Mutual manual process. While you will have access to all currently active policies placed with Protection Mutual, all new business must now be process, rated and issued as Community Insurance Company, on our Britecore system. We will provide you with log in and password information and send it to the emails on file with the Littlestown office next week. 

We will have an in-person training session at the Littlestown office in the very near future. The system is fairly straightforward and easy to navigate, but we will provide a demonstration with handouts as well. If you would prefer just to receive the handout, contact our underwriter Matthew Schnader at (610) 434-5179 or [email protected]

Thank you both Policyholders and Agents for your understanding.
James J. Gardner